Introduction to R 2017


Welcome to Introduction to R.

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Class Photo

Class Photo

Day 1


Ann Meyer


Boris Steipe

The most current version of this introductory tutorial RStudio project lives at You will be able to access it there for the forseeable future.

  1. Open RStudio.
  2. Select File → NewProject…
  3. Click on Version Control.
  4. Click on Git.
  5. Enter as the Repository URL.
  6. Type a <tab> character, the Project directory name field should then autofill to read R-Intro.
  7. Click on Browse… to find your project directory. (You should have created a project directory. If you didn’t, do it now). Click Open.
  8. Click Create Project; the project files should be downloaded and the console should prompt you to type init() to begin.
  9. Type init() into the console pane.

When you are done, place a blue postIt on the lid of your laptop. Use a red postIt if you have issues.

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