Metabolomics 2023


Welcome to Informatics and Statistics for Metabolomics 2023.

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Metabolomics Analysis Class of 2023

Day 1


Nia Hughes

Module 1: Introduction to Metabolomics

David Wishart

Module 1 Lecture Slides

Module 2: Targeted, Quantitative Metabolomics

David Wishart

Module 2 Lecture Slides

Module 3 (Lab): Quantitative Metabolomics

David Wishart

Module 3 Lab Slides

Module 4: Databases for Biological Interpretation

David Wishart

Module 4 Lecture Slides

Day 2

Module 5: Backgrounder in Omics Data Science

Jeff Xia

Module 5 Lecture Slides

Module 6: Data Analytics for Untargeted Metabolomics

Jeff Xia

Module 6 Lecture Slides

Module 7 (Lab): Metabolomics Data Analysis using MetaboAnalyst 5.0

Jeff Xia

Module 7 Lab Slides
LC-MS lung cancer data
GC-MS sleep apnea data
NMR sheep pregnancy data

Module 8: Integrating Metabolomics with Other Omics

Jeff Xia

Module 8 Lecture Slides


GC-MS Datasets

NMR Datasets

LC-MS Datasets