Machine Learning 2023


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Pre-Workshop Materials

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Machine Learning Class of 2023

Day 1


Nia Hughes

Module 1: Introduction to Machine Learning

Module 1 Lecture Slides

Module 2: Decision Trees

Module 2 Lecture Slides

Module 3: Neural Networks

Module 3 Lecture Slides

Module 4: Neural Networks for Secondary Structure

Module 4 Lecture Slides

Day 2

Module 5: Gene Finding with NNs

Module 5 Lecture Slides

Module 6: Machine Learning with Keras and Scikit-Learn

Module 6 Lecture Slides

Module 7: Machine Learning with Keras and Scikit-Learn, continued

Module 7 Lecture Slides, including MetaboAnalyst bonus lecture slides

Module 8: Information Extraction with ChatGPT

Module 8 Lecture Slides