Pathways and Network Analysis of -Omics Data 2019


Welcome to Pathways and Network Analysis of -Omics Data 2019.

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Pre-Workshop Materials and Laptop Setup Instructions

Laptop Setup Instructions

Instructions to setup your laptop can be found here.

Pre-workshop Tutorials

Pre-readings and pre-work can be found here here.
It is in your best interest to complete these before the workshop.

Class photo

Class Photo

Day 1


Michelle Brazas

Module 1: Introduction to Pathway and Network Analysis

Gary Bader


Module 2 Finding Over-Represented Pathways

Veronique Voisin


Introduction to practical lab

Lab practical part 1 (g:Profiler)

Lab practical part 2 (GSEA)

Module 3: Network Visualization and Analysis with Cytoscape

Gary Bader

Lecture part 1

Lecture part 2

## Module 3 Lab

Veronique Voisin

Lab practical part 1 (g:Profiler)

Lab practical part 2 (GSEA)

Day 2

Module 4: More Depth on Network and Pathway Analysis

Robin Haw


Lab Lecture

Lab practical

Module 5: Gene Function Prediction

Quaid Morris


Lab practical - Cytoscape

Lab practical - Web

Day 3

Module 6: Regulatory Network Analysis

Michael Hoffman


Lab lecture

Lab practical

Integrated Assignment

Assignment link

g:Profiler file

Assignment answers link

Additional tutorials

EnrichmentMap (GSEA and g:Profiler) step by step protocol: and

Interacting with Cytoscape using CyRest and command lines (for advanced users):

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