Exploratory Analysis of Biological Data using R 2018


Welcome to Exploratory Analysis of Biological Data using R.

The pre-work inlcuding programs to install can be found here

The course schedule can be found here.

Class Photo

Class Photo

Day 1

You will be able to access them there for the foreseeable future.

  1. Open RStudio.
  2. Select File → NewProject…
  3. Click on Version Control.
  4. Click on Git.
  5. Enter https://github.com/hyginn/R-EDA as the Repository URL.
  6. Type a <tab> character, the Project directory name field should then autofill to read R-Intro.
  7. Click on Browse… to find your project directory. (You should have created a project directory. If you didn’t, do it now). Click Open.
  8. Click Create Project; the project files should be downloaded and the console should prompt you to type init() to begin.
  9. Type init() into the console pane.

When you are done, place a blue postIt on the lid of your laptop. Use a red postIt if you have issues.

Recording Session 1

Recording Session 2

Recording Session 3

Recording Session 4

Recording Session 5

Recording Session 6

Recording Session 7

Recording Session 8

Integrated Assignment

The data is here.
The script we will be working from is here.