Introduction to R 2019 Pre-Work

Knowledge Preparation:

An introductory tutorial to R has been prepared, you can access it here:

Please work through the tutorial carefully if you are new to R. We will go through much of the material during the workshop, but you will profit the most if you are already somewhat familiar with it. Then you can consolidate your knowledge and fill in any gaps.

A very useful R cheatsheet can be found here:

Laptop Programs to Install:

1) Install the most recent version of R for your operating system by following the links from

2) Download and install the most recent version of R Studio desktop from If asked to install git, please select yes.

To check if git is already working on your computer, open RStudio, select file > New Project > Version control > Git. If you do not get an error message, Git is installed and working on your laptop.

If you do get an error message, close RStudio, and please download and install git: Reopen Rstudio, elect file > New Project > Version control > Git.

3) Make sure you have a robust internet browser such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome (not Internet Explorer).

4) Make sure you have a PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe Acrobat, Preview or similar) or that you can read PDF files in your Web browser.

5) Create a project directory for data files and source code for this workshop.