Microbiome Summer School - Big Data Analytics for Omics Science


Welcome to Microbiome Summer School: Big Data Analytics for Omics Science.

This Summer School is a joint offering by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Université Laval Big Data Research Centre, the Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC) Program, and CBW.

Class Photo

Class Photo

Day 1

Calcul Québec Team

How to Use Compute Canada Resources

Plenary 1

Jacques Corbeil

GUTOME 1010 and Beyond


Plenary 2

Robert Beiko

Microbiomes, Metagenomes, and Marker Genes


Krystle van Hoof

Transforming Science: Sex, Gender and the Microbiome


Practical Training 1

Morgan Langille

16S Analysis/QIIME

16S Tutorial

Microbiome Helper

Microbiome Helper Official Virtual Machine

Plenary 3

Morgan Langille

Metagenomics Analysis


Frédéric Raymond

Assembly Based Metagenomics

Practical Training 2

RayMeta tutorial

Metagenomics tutorial (HuMANN2)

Day 2

Plenary 4

Fiona Brinkman

Microbiome Biomarker Discovery


Practical Training 3

Morgan Langille

PICRUSt: Metagenomic Inference

PICRUSt tutorial

Plenary 5

John Parkinson



Jacques Corbeil

GUTOME 1010 and Beyond


Practical Training 4

RaySurveyor tutorial

Metatranscriptomics tutorial

Day 3

Plenary 6

Marie-Pierre Dubé

Host Genomics Applied to the Microbiome


Plenary 7

François Laviolette

Introduction to Machine Learning for Biological Data


Practical Training 5

Introduction to Machine Learning

Day 4

Plenary 8

Mickael Leclercq

ElasticSearch to Facilitate Data Mining of Human Microbiome Databases


Plenary 9

Mario Marchand

Algorithms for Mass Spectrometry

Plenary 10

Chloé-Agathe Azencott

Efficient Multi-Locus Biomarker Discovery

Practical Training 6

Introduction to Mass Spectrometry Preprocessing and Machine Learning

Biomarker Discovery tutorial

Other Links

Compute Canada

CIHR Institute of Gender and Health

CIHR Institute of Infection and Immunity

The 2017 Microbiome Summer School Virtual Machine (VMware version)