How to Propose a New Workshop welcomes proposals for new workshops.

To propose a new workshop, you must complete a workshop proposal. This proposal should include:

  1. Workshop title
  2. Length of workshop
  3. Instructors
  4. Target audience
  5. Pre-requisites
  6. Course description
  7. Outline of the workshop broken down by day and modules
  8. Brief market analysis

Modules should include a lecture (1 - 2 hr) and a hands-on practical exercise (1 - 2 hrs) and should identify the proposed instructor.

The market analysis should identify workshop attendees and why this particular workshop would succeed. It should also include any other similar workshops offered in Canada and internationally and should explain how this workshop would be different.

Workshop proposals will be reviewed at an annual review meeting held in October. Successful proposals will be added to the workshop series for the next year.

The descriptions of workshops available at are a good example of what the proposal should look like.

Questions and completed proposals should be sent to