Cancer Analysis 2021


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Pre-Workshop Materials

Pre-workshop Tutorials

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Connecting and properly using a cloud computing cluster at the CBW Module

AWS and unix intro

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Day 1



Module 1: Introduction to Cancer Genomics (preWorkshop Video)

Trevor Pugh

Lecture Video

Lecture pdf

Module 02: Data, formats and Databases

Richard de Borja

Lecture in PDF

Lecture in Keynote

Lab slides

Lab Practical

Module 03: Genome Alignment

Mathieu Bourgey

Lecture in ppt

Lecture in pdf

Lab pratical

Lab practical raw & computed data

Data Sets CourseData from AWS


Day 2

Module 04: Somatic Genomic Alteration

Sorana Morrissy

Lecture pdf

Lecture ppt

Lab Practical

Data Sets CourseData from AWS


Module 05: Single Cell Genomics - DNA

Andrew McPherson


Lab Practical

Data Sets CourseData from AWS


Day 3

Module 06: Gene Expression Profiling

Florence Cavalli

Lecture (pdf)
Lecture (pptx)


Module 07: Single Cell Genomics - RNA

Trevor Pugh / Javier Diaz


  • Lab


Lab Practical

Data Sets CourseData from AWS


Day 4

Module 08: Genes to Pathways

Veronique Voisin


## Module 09: Genes to Networks

Robin Haw

Lecture pdf

Lecture ppt

Lab Lecture pdf

Lab Lecture ppt

Lab Practical

Day 5

Module 10: Integration of Clinical Data

Lauren Erdman

Lecture and lab slides in PPT

Lab student script

Lab master script

Lab data

Module 11: Multi-omic data integration

Shraddha Pai

Lecture pdf

Lecture ptt

Lab Practical

Data Sets CourseData from AWS

Module11 Note: Data from Module11 are in a file named Module10.tar