Infectious Disease Genomic Epidemiology 2023


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Pre-Workshop Materials

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AWS Module

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Infectious Disease Genomic Epidemiology Class of 2023

Day 1

Virtual Welcome

Nia Hughes

Module 1: Introduction to Genomic Epidemiology

William Hsiao

Module 1 Lecture Recording
Module 1 Lecture Slides

Module 2: Phylogenetic Analysis

Fiona Brinkman

Module 2 Lecture Recording
Module 2 Lecture Slides

AWS Setup

Zhibin Lu

Slides (pdf)

You can find the instructions here.

Module 3: Data Curation and Data Sharing

Emma Griffiths

Module 3 Lecture Recording
Module 3 Lecture Slides


Module 3 Lab

Day 2

Module 4: Viral Pathogen Genomic Analysis - Single Nucleotide Variants

Jared Simpson

Module 4 Lecture Recording
Module 4 Lecture Slides


Module 4 Lab

Module 5: Bacterial Pathogen Genomic Analysis

Ed Taboada

Module 5 Lecture Recording
Module 5 Lecture Slides


Module 5 Lab Setup
Module 5 Lab

Day 3

Module 6: Antimicrobial Resistant Gene (AMR) Analysis

Andrew McArthur

Module 6 Lecture Recording
Module 6 Lecture Slides


Module 6 Lab

Module 7: Phylodynamics and Transmission Dynamics

Finlay Maguire

Module 7 Lecture Recording
Module 7 Lecture Slides


Module 7 Lab

Day 4

Module 8: Emerging Pathogen Detection and Identification

Aaron Petkau

Module 8 Lecture Recording
Module 8 Lecture Slides


Module 8 Lab Module 8 Lab Slides

Keynote Lecture | Follow That Virus!: Genomics Leading the Way

Dr. Samira Mubareka

Keynote Lecture Recording
Keynote Lecture Slides

Module 9: Mobile Genetic Elements and Environmental Microbiome

Gary Van Domselaar

Module 9 Lecture Recording
Module 9 Lecture Slides


Module 9 Lab

Post-Workshop Materials


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