10 Simple Rules for Using GitHub for Workshops


Welcome to 10 Simple Rules for Using GitHub for Workshops.

This workshop is intended to walk through the set up of GitHub pages for use with courses and workshops.

To do this workshop, you will need to have:

  • a GitHub account
  • git and developer tools installed on your computer (you will be prompted to install these when you first run git if you don’t already have them installed)
  • a terminal program (Terminal in Mac/Linux, Cygwin (or similar) on Windows).

Day 1


Ann Meyer

Rule 1 - Put thought into your user or organisation name

Rule 2 - Choose a site theme that sends your message

Rule 3 - Create templates and have a consistent structure

Rule 4 - Be FAIR

Rule 5 - Put important information into page headers

Rule 6 - Have individual repos for each workshop

Rule 7 - Use submodules

Rule 8 - Have a main landing page

Rule 9 - Use teams

Rule 10 - Embed Google Analytics