Infectious Disease Epidemiology Analysis 2021


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Pre-Workshop Materials

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AWS Module

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Day 1



Module1: Introduction to Genomic Epidemiology

William Hsiao

Module 1 Lecture

Module 2: Phylogenetic Analysis

William Hsiao

Module 2 Lecture

Module 3: Molecular Typing

Ed Taboada & Dillon Barker

Module 3 Lecture


Lab Practical

Day 2

Module 4: Phylogenetics, Phylodynamics, and MGE

Rob Beiko

Module 4 Lecture


Module 4 Lab

Lab Practical

Module 5: Antimicrobial Resistant Gene Analysis

Finlay Maguire

Module 5 Lecture


Lab Practical

Day 3

Module 6: Emerging Pathogen Detection and Identification

Gary Van Domselaar

Module 6 Lecture


Module 6 lab

Lab Practical

Module 7: Keynote: Canada’s National SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Program

Gary Van Domselaar

Module 7 Keynote

Module 8: Integrated Assignment

Venus Lau & Jimmy Liu

Integrated Assignment

Answer key